Addiction Recovery

Neurotherapy can be an effective standalone tool for many issues, such as TBI, sleep, PTSD, ADHD, headaches/migraines, Tourettes/Tics. Yet, for other issues like addictions, eating disorders, smoking cessation, abusive relationships, character disorders, and issues related to one’s discipline for or resistance to change, it is only a powerful adjunct to other effective healing modalities.

Many leading alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers now have services such as BrainPaint ® neurotherapy that can help underlying issues called comorbidities, and do not just focus solely on addiction recovery. Why? These underlying issues can become obstacles to addiction recovery. For example, it is very difficult for a client to sit through an individual, group or 12-step meeting if he or she has ADD, ADHD, anxiety or frequent panic attacks. Helping to heal these underlying issues frees the newly sober to be more present for the drug rehab program. This also applies to other addiction recovery programs other than drug dependence such as eating disorder treatment, gambling addiction, computer addiction, sex addiction, shopping addiction, compulsive behaviors, pain medication addiction and alcoholism.


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