Brain Injuries (TBI)

Brain Injuries usually respond very well to neurotherapy. Immediately after an injury when one’s brain tries to perform a task and nothing happens it stops trying. It’s sort of like when a flea jumps and hits the lid of a jar it will never jump higher than the lid again.

The brain is a very powerful tool that works really well until something unexpected happens to it. After a brain injury, the organ’s process of repair is similar to that of a bad electrician who starts crossing random wires and unplugging circuits until a light comes back on. As a result, the brain may begin working extremely hard to even accomplish some simple tasks. This pattern of overworking gets wired in even after the healing that happens over the first 18 months. It won’t attempt to send signals down pathways once it has tried and failed. Neurotherapy appears to retrain the brain to once again begin sending signals to those original areas.

A wonderful example of this regeneration happened in our in our clinic with a man who had suffered a head injury 6 years prior to him starting BrainPaint ® neurotherapy. He couldn’t swallow, was tube fed, and couldn’t walk or talk. Within 3 sessions, his ability to swallow came back and they could remove the tube from his stomach. After 12 sessions, he began walking unassisted and could talk again.


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