People seeking therapy just want to feel better. Fortunately there are brainwaves that are related to our feelings (both good and bad), our reactions to events and emotional traumas.

BrainPaint ® providers will ask you 90 questions, which were derived from a large, highly effective UCLA study. Your answers will generate protocol suggestions that prioritize the training of specific brainwaves related to better mood regulation.

The objective is to teach your brain to balance and not be reactive in response to events out of your control. It is a common human experience to feel happy if things go your way, and angry, frustrated or depressed if they don’t. BrainPaint ® assists you to live in a state of “What is” rather than should have, could have and would have. Instead of getting your way you perceive options that are better than your way. Instead of getting your way, you get what you want.

Bill Scott, co-founder & CEO of BrainPaint ® , who has been in the field of neurofeedback therapy for 19 years has observed that people with major depressive episodes so severe that they were hospitalized multiple times may develop PTSD from the depression. When these individuals experience a reminder related to the previous depressive events, their brain goes back into those old states and patterns. These are just flashbacks. This is why when they start feeling that darkness coming on, it quickly intensifies. For this population, after training their brain to increase its activation with beta for mood elevation, we follow up with alpha theta, a specific type of neurotherapy training, to address the trauma and to prevent these flashbacks. See the PTSD segment for more details.

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