Fears & Phobias

Too often we lack access to the root of our fears, motivations, avoidance or distorted beliefs. They evolved from such a young age that we no longer have a memory of how we originally processed these events from a child’s perspective. Alpha-Theta neurofeedback can help bring these memories and experiences to the surface in a very safe way. Instead of reliving the event, we observe it from an adult’s perspective. We then are free to constructively process the matter with a therapist, and formulate simple ways of regarding the situation moving forward. Many times we hold the accumulated stress from our lives in our body, which can cause tightness or holding patterns that can lead to pain or injuries. We have been told from chiropractors and other therapists that once some emotional issues are resolved with neurotherapy the practitioner has more access to healing the physical body. BrainPaint ® neurotherapy, specifically our alpha theta protocols, usually addresses fears and phobia quickly and effectively. See The BrainPaint ® Difference

Source: Brainpaint.com

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