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ADD & ADHD (Attentional Issues)

Addiction Recovery

Anesthesia and Chemo Brain


Autism & Asperger's

Brain Injuries (TBI)

Chronic Pain


Fears & Phobias


Headaches & Migraines



Peak Performance

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)



Stroke Recovery



So you have been thinking about all the ways things have been out of your control... and how seemed to happen to you... and how much you disliked that and want to get away from that situation and of course thinking about it now...you realize that, number one, you make your own decisions...one way or another...two... that once you know what is important to you...you generally know how to proceed. Lastly... just jumping in to get started figuring out what you want...isn't so hard at all.

So you know...what has been happening to you that you don't like... and as you think about it...and decide for yourself what you don't want any more... you then may begin to notice...what others are doing...and even get feedback and suggestions...that are helpful in this kind of situation...and see the reactions you get that help you adapt to what you need to be doing.

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