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Neurofeedback Therapy

BrainPaint ® neurotherapy has been used by gold metal Olympian, Hannah Teter, as well as, World Cup Champions to prepare for their games.

Society confuses power with control. Those who Master any sport or instrument make it look effortless. Their training, commitment and motivations are crucial for extraordinary achievement, but never is “trying too hard” rewarded with success. Similarly, truly effective and powerful leaders are not controlling, instead they inspire and empower others around them to do their best.

Most people have beliefs about what letting go of control would look and feel like, but BrainPaint ® neurotherapy gives a person an experience of it. Just as a person can not use willpower to access “the zone” – a mental state in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus – a person will never be able to use control to get BrainPaint ® ‘s graph to stay green (versus red). Your brain, the organ, learns better control while your mind learns to surrender control. This is a very important distinction. When you have achieved this flow of relaxed focus, the BrainPaint ® software will alert you that you are “in the zone”.

When you are playing a sport, do you tell your heart to beat faster or your lungs to take in more air? Of course not. It is the power of your brain that juggles all the necessary bodily processing for you to rise to the occasion. If you improve your brain’s functioning, then you improve your game, whatever your game may be.

How many times have you gotten in the way of your own success? Intrusive thoughts and negative self-talk invade your mind and cloud your judgement. You are no longer in the present – your mind is elsewhere. The more you try to control your thoughts, the more they appear to have a mind of their own. Neurotherapy trains your brain to stay in the present even after you make an error. Being present allows you the luxury of seeing other possibilities versus being locked into ruminating about how you missed your only opportunity to win.

The goal with neurotherapy is to influence the physical connections in the brain using technology as a guide and teacher. BrainPaint ® also has a mindfulness trainer that was created with the assistance of Jeffrey Schwartz, MD, Associate Research Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine.


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