SourcSevere tantrums are one of the most rewarding issues to help with neurotherapy. When children with this issue improve, it improves the lives of so many people involved with the child. The most common cause of tantrums is right hemispheric issues either from a birth trauma or concussion. It is as if the child’s brain has an electrical storm over the part of their brains that regulates insight, awareness of others, and their ability to quiet themselves. There’s usually a life changing improvement with the issue of tantrums within 8 sessions, although the child will not be finished with neurotherapy after the 8 sessions.

There is another reason to consider neurotherapy for a child who has tantrums. If the issue is not resolved prior to puberty, the issue usually doubles in severity. They already have seizure-like activity in their brains, and now the hormonal changes usually further destabilize them. A man by the name of Douglas Quirk identified this seizure activity in a large population of violent offenders in a prison study, although the prisoners also came from abusive family systems. It is important to note that right hemispheric seizure activity is not a direct cause of violence, but rather this is a common denominator among those who self-harm or gravitate towards violence.

If the child receives neurofeedback therapy prior to age 12 or 13 they tend to respond more quickly and need less sessions. There is no minimum age to receive neurotherapy. The youngest child that Bill Scott, BrainPaint ® ‘s co-founder & CEO, has worked with successfully was 18 months old.

Source: Brainpaint.com

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