Anxiety, Depression, Pain and More

Mind-Body Therapies combine psychodynamic talk and somatic methods

Providing telehealth services for individuals and couples therapy  in FL, NH and WA for the following:.

  • Depression - treated as a complex issue to effect positive change
  • Anxiety - psychodynamic approach to fully understand anxiety, to reduce rigid thinking and tension and increase flexibility and self-awareness
  • Trauma-focused therapy for chronic developmental trauma; including sexual abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence; increase self-efficacy and increase empowerment feelings
  • Grief Counseling - process feelings of loss and sadness
  • Work and Career issues - increase self-awareness; discover you
  • Impulse Control and Emotional Self-Regulation (better than stress management/anger management)
  • Parenting, Relationships, Effective Communication, Healthy Boundary Setting and Defense, Impulse Control, Emotional Self-Regulation

Attachment and Experiential Therapy focuses on resolving core emotional issues through evidence-based methods that leverage the amazing neuroplastic capabilities of the human brain. These approaches do not place blame or over-analyze; rather, work is done to access, identify and express feelings. When this is done, the emotional charge of an issue is reduced as it moves from the non-verbal emotional "right brain" to the cognitive centers of the brain; this leads to better problem-solving and effective resolution of issues. Resolution of core emotional issues leads to long lasting healing and change.

This is opposite to the "top down" approach taken by cognitive behavioral therapy which attempts to make change by managing or controlling anxiety or stress (since control is a key component of anxiety, it is often difficult for people experiencing anxiety to succeed using management/control techniques). Attachment and experiential approaches are "bottom up" methods that directly address "root" issues; this is done over a course of therapy that is similar to the time frames required by the cognitive behavioral approaches. Experiential approaches are evidenced-based and so are considered acceptable methods of service by most insurance companies.


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